Friday, September 16, 2011

Facebook Frenzy II

I’ve been so focused on promoting 'Death Is A Relative Thing', that at times I think nothing else has happened since the book came out in June.  Fortunately I have a complete record of what I have been up to in the form of Facebook posts.  I have not been as single minded as I thought!
Check it out; in no particular order…some non-book related Facebook updates
1)      Fact. In your lifetime you will spend about 5 years eating and 3 years on the toilet. There are an awful lot of things I can say about this but I think everyone should come to their own conclusions here. Extrapolate folks LOL
2)      School tomorrow! This is my baby- number five and headed to Middle school...I could wax poetic and ponder on where the time has gone OR I can do the pee pee dance DUUUUUUH! Take a guess!
3)      My daughter is making French toast for herself and what does she do? Yep folks, she set off the smoke alarm. I'm so damned proud!
4)      We made it to Kingston NH -Marisa mentions that my mother said she got a ticket in this town. I said "Boy Nona gets a lot of tickets doesn't she?" And Marisa says.....wait for it...."Yeah for an old lady she does."
5)      My friend’s children slept over last night. As I'm cooking breakfast, the smoke alarm goes off (go figure) as I'm pulling out the damned battery, her son looks at me and says "Wow, my mom does the same thing when she cooks!" I feel vindicated somehow...)
6)      So I'm in my new office space trying to work and Marisa wants to read (quietly-the Guinness Record Book) in the room with me. I say ok. Silly me. She just announced that on my birthday in 2010 the widest tongue AND the longest nose was recorded and wanted to know if I was a contender....
7)      Cupsogue beach. Put purse in back seat. Locked it. Can't find keys. Called hubby who says to call a friend who could help. Guy too far away but tells me-find a Bay Cop. Found one-but no lock out kit. Cop was nice. Emptied trunk looking for slim jim. No go. Takes a ride and comes back with kit. Opens door, we rejoice. DUH keys not in purse. Found them in a bucket that we had all the while. I DO need to write a book.
8)      OK it takes 33 seconds to silence my smoke alarm and 33 minutes to silence the damned bird imitating the smoke alarm. Definitely worth eating out....
:)  Have a great day all!  Holly

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  1. What a wild life; it must be the humor you've found in it. BTW, did that cop or begin to turn the color of a lobster when you found the keys?