Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Relative Identity

It's been crazy, these past few months, trying to pull together the finishing touches on my new book.  I was so excited when my publisher was able to post the Kindle version ahead of schedule, just in time for the holidays.  Here's the upshot of what April is up to now!

Relative Identity by Holly Patrone

Six years ago, April Serao’s husband Sal died by way of birthday sex gone terribly wrong. Now he’s back, possessing the heavenly version of a temporary visa and an uncanny knack for showing up at the most inopportune times.
Finding some ‘alone’ time with new boyfriend Jack proves almost impossible with husband Sal popping up unexpectedly in outfits that make his legs look better than Aprils, not to mention the constant intrusion of her mother – the original Sicilian Guilt Trip Queen. Though a ghostly husband can be a bit trying, April has even bigger problems right now.

Shocked to find her mailbox unexpectedly stuffed with collection notices for things she never bought, April is beginning to suspect she’s the victim of identity theft. Before she can even being to get things straightened out, her son Chris’ car is repossessed, her house is vandalized and she’s arrested for assault with deadly tweezers. Frustrated with the lack of help through official channels and angry that her life has been turned upside down by someone she doesn’t even know, April decides to track down the perpetrator herself.

What ensues is a wacky madcap adventure as April tries to unravel the truth and still juggle her chaotic life which includes answering questions such as:
Is there ever a good reason to purchase a feather trimmed bustier and a meat grinder at the same time? Is Jack as horrifically under endowed as Sal claims he is? Can voodoo dolls cause collateral damage? What do Cherry Cola Red #17 hair dye and the paint for April’s car have in common ?

Find out in this, the new novel and sequel to the bestselling book Death Is a Relative Thing by Holly Patrone!